Meet Jillian Rawl!

Jillian Rawl, MA, LCPC, NCC

Hi I am Jill Rawl. I want to Welcome You and Thank You so much for coming to check me out here at Second Stories Therapeutic Interventions, or SSTI for short. 😉

I am a teen and young adult therapist who helps my clients overcome their struggles and become happy, confident and independent individuals. 

Being a Teen IS Not EASY!  I know, as—shocker–I was a Teen once. LOL 😉 

I attended an all-girl high school, which at first, I absolutely hated. When you “hate” something you are “forced” to do, it does get in the way of growing and finding yourself. And it does get in the way of having a good relationship with your parents. 

I knew NO ONE going into high school besides my older sister. I was so scared. I was extremely worried that I would not “fit in” and not find friends, which truly is a teen’s worst nightmare!

Because I was “rebelling,” my first year, I refused to “join” anything at the school. I was worried, as teen girls can be mean and do not always get along with other teen girls. So, to say the least, my first year wasn’t the greatest, socially anyways. 

By 2nd year, I finally realized I had to do something to make this work, as I did not want to be miserable throughout the rest of my High School years. Remember, High School is a make or break you kind of time! And I was not going to let it break me. So, I let my guard down and allowed myself to get to know others and be involved. I decided it was a lot of work to “hate” school.

Once I allowed myself to be fully present at my school, I ended up really excelling. I did pretty well that I ended up being President of the National Honor Society and VP of the French National Honor Society. I was actually shocked when I was nominated and accepted. But I realized that I did not allow myself to be part of a certain “click” in school. That was not me. I was not going to be “controlled by” the social “rules.” I was friends with just about everyone. 

I think my ability to be socially accepting of all really helped me grow as a teen. Looking back now, I am so glad my parents sent me to this school, as I do believe it helped me not only grow socially, but academically, as well as helped me find who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. If you are wondering, my parents and I couldn’t have a better relationship and it started after I accepted my school and myself in High School. 😊

I realize being a teen is hard. I know I may not have had it as hard as many teens out there. I was never bullied–teased for my curly hair–but I did not feel this was bullying for me, and I have not experienced the bad things that I hear some teens face. I get that it is not easy being a teen, especially when other issues are going on at home, at school, socially, etc. I realized that my ability to engage almost everyone from all the social groups in high school, helped me to know that I like talking to others, like getting to know their stories, no matter who they are or where they come from. 

I believe my value of acceptance allows me to get to know anyone. With all whom I work with, I let them be them. I let them express themselves and share their story openly without judgement. I listen, am open and honest and will challenge them to try to see a different perspective. I help empower my clients to have a voice, express themselves to others, understand what is going on with themselves and find their best self. I help them build the skills they need to cope with the realities of life. Which, let’s face it, life is hard and can suck sometimes. I empower others to create their second story and want to be part of their growth and change. My hope is that SSTI is a place where those we serve feel supported, inspired, motivated and hopeful for their future. 

If you are ready to change your story and open yourself to a new chapter in your life, call/email me. I would like to be a part of your story!

Thank you for getting to know a little about me! 😊


Jillian Rawl, MA, LCPC, NCC

(630) 903-0521