We always imagine what its going to look like, having your first child, the excitement of watching them change so much when they are small, feeling pride and a little bit of triumph when they do something amazing- which just happens to be everything! Kissing away their pain, seeing them off to school for their very first day and hoping that they do ok, meet new people, learn something, hearing about their first kiss, soothing them over some heart ache, watching them grow and being apart of their world any way you can.
But what happens when this story doesn’t look anything like what you imagined? What happens when you're up at night terrified because your child is struggling. You can see their anger, feel their sadness and frustrations, watching them struggle and battle with you and themselves over EVERYTHING. Terrified because you feel so HELPLESS. You can feel them pulling away from you, closing themselves off from you and drawing in on themselves. Helpless.
IMAGINE being able to take them by the hand and telling them that things are going to be ok, for them to believe that and trust you, for you to be able to believe it too. IMAGINE seeing them happy again, dealing with things differently, and your relationship flourishing. You watching your child enjoy life again!
That’s where we come in. We at Second Stories Therapeutic Interventions can help your teen or young adult better understand themselves and be able to express themselves to you, understand and deal better with their emotions and be less reactive and safe, learn ways to be happy and like themselves and others, learn how to talk with you without being mean and disrespectful, learn how to speak up and stand up for themselves, become more resilient, and learn to make better decisions that will have a positive outcome for their future, relationships and life in general.Your teen will have the tools and skills to create their second story and become all they want to be.

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